Lauren Sheldon is a portrait photographer. She grew up in Yorkshire where she discovered
an interest in photography from a young age.

After finishing her degree in photography at Manchester Metropolitan University, she moved
to London to pursue her photography full time and began shooting portraits for a lifestyle magazine. 

She is a communicator and storyteller. Her portraits show connection and her compassion
and respect for people and animals is an indicative characteristic of her work.

A good relationship between her and the sitter is a priority – to be able to get someone to relax,
and to photograph them in maybe a different way to how they’ve been photographed before,
is a vital and rewarding part of what she does.


Styletails, a design and living magazine for pets.
Four&Sons, a magazine where dogs and culture combine
Love East Magazine
Biscuit Space, dog lover blogger

You can email at:
You can call on: 07717 828743
You can follow Lauren on Instagram: @watchdabirdie1